Woolaston Memorial Hall

Registered Charity No 301656

Swains Field, Woolaston GL15 6SU


Skate Park Public Meeting 07/07/2017


1) John Anderson welcomed everyone to the meeting. It was noted that besides those attending there

was support from about 24 parents who were with their children at a Beavers and Cubs activity out of

the village. He then went on to state the purpose of the meeting which was to ascertain whether

there was the desire and enthusiasm of the villagers to fund and rebuild the skate park.


2) John Anderson then outlined the current position viz a viz the skate park and described the history

from its inception. He stated that ownership of the base and equipment had now been adopted by

the Memorial Hall.


3) John Anderson then stated that it was the desire of the Memorial Hall Committee to have the skate

park rebuilt and Mick Fairless (Chairman of PC) went on to state that in his view it might also be the

view of the parish council who would discuss the outcome of this meeting at their next meeting.


4) A show of hands was overwhelmingly in favour of rebuilding, which, coupled with the support of

those unable to attend but who had previously indicated their choice, meant that the village was

prepared to move to the next stage, i.e. form a sub-committee of the Memorial Hall and Playing Field

Trust to guide and oversee the project.


5) John Anderson then proposed himself as chairman, seconded by Mick Fairless. There being no other

nominations John Anderson was duly appointed.

Georgina Harris was proposed by John Anderson as Research and Development officer, seconded by

Roger Southee. There being no other nominations Georgina Harris was duly appointed.

Mark Lightbound was proposed as Treasurer by John Anderson, seconded by David Harris. There

being no other nominations Mark Lightbound was duly appointed.

Ashley Rees was proposed by Georgina Harris as secretary, seconded by Sue Anderson. There being

no other nominations Ashley Rees was duly appointed.

Ashley Rees was proposed by Georgina Harris as Ways and Means officer, seconded by Mary Atkins.

There being no other nominations Ashley Rees was duly appointed.


6) John Anderson thanked everyone for their attendance and thanked those who had assisted with the

lengthy job of demolishing and burning the old park: Mick Fairless, Roger Southee, Chris Jones

Graham Spearman, Jamie Lightly, Mark Lightbound, Martin Rose, Philip Anderson and Paul Price.


7) Georgina Harris briefly stated that fund raising was already underway and that Reecer Space Ltd had

agreed to give £2500, Mike Lewis had started a series of car boot sales and that £1250 had been

received from Bonnie Jones as the remaining funds from the original skate park fund.


8) The meeting concluded.


Those attending:

Nicky Challenger

Mike Wilson

Sue Wilson

Pete Robinson

David Harris

Sheila Harris

Mark Lightbound

Anna Newman

Georgina Harris

Sue Anderson

David Storrar

Roger Southee

Carol Southee

Shirley Lightbound

John Anderson

Mick Fairless

Angie Fairless

Jenny Davies