Woolaston Memorial Hall

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Swains Field, Woolaston GL15 6SU

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Committee reports

Skate Park (Jan 2020)

Planning permission has been granted and fund raising is underway.


Please see the report of the meeting here...

Woolaston News

The Summer 2019 edition is out! If you have not received your copy please let us know (see contact page). Spare copies will be left in the phone box, the shop and the 2 pubs for you to take home or give to friends.


if you have anything that would be of interest for the summer edition next year please contact zpearce_tomenius@hotmail.com


You can always read previous editions on line - just click this link:



Hall accounts 2015


Hall accounts 2014 Hall accounts 2013 Hall accounts 2016

Phone Box

The Phone Box Project is now complete!


The phone box is now available for everyone to use.

There is:

  A Book Exchange - If you bring one you must take one!!

  A Display Cabinet - for local crafts people to display their products.

  A Toy Exchange - for children to pick up something new and to leave something they no longer play with.

  A Tourist Information Point - For local what's on and attractions including maps of local walks that can be borrowed.


There will be a occasional seasonal fun displays to raise a smile.


We hope you like what we've done. Please enjoy!!



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Store Room Extension

Jan 2020

The builder has indicated that he is planning to start work on 23rd March and is expected to take 4 weeks to complete the project.


We are delighted to announce that The National Lottery - Awards For All have awarded us £10,000!

This means our total savings for this project have reached over £16000. We now need to raise another £14000.


The new extension will mean we will have the capability to store more "comfy" chairs, round function tables, coffee type tables, perhaps a table tennis table, short mat bowls equipment etc.

The main space will no longer be hampered by stacks of tables and chairs and therefore be more suitable for a wider range of activities.

05999 Memorial Hall store Side elev

Comfy chairs...

We have started a program of gradually replacing the folding plastic chairs.

The first 10 were purchased earlier this year and we have now added a further 15. In due course (with a new storage space to put them in) we hope to eventually have 60 plus such chairs. They have proved popular with the Memory Group on a Thursday afternoon!

hi_big_e_min_pink Hall accounts 2018 05999 Memorial Hall store elevations IMG_20191027_155106

New large oven installed and ready to go!

(Next to the 2 min cycle catering dishwasher!)