Woolaston Memorial Hall

Registered Charity No 301656

Swains Field, Woolaston GL15 6SU

UNITY LOTTERY - click this link direct to Unity and join TODAY!!

Unity Lottery - fund raising that gives you the opportunity to win big!

In October 2016 letters and leaflets were delivered to every property in Woolaston and the immediate  surrounding area to tell folk about the exciting new lottery which has the potential to provide the hall with much needed funds.


The reception was without exception one of enthusiasm, with many people signing up to get the ball rolling.  


But what is Unity and how can the prizes be so big in such a small local population?


Lottery POSTER IMG_2040

Well, Unity facilitate the lottery on behalf of many registered charities across the country. There was a small start up cost, and a lot of hard work publicising it, but after that all the work is done by Unity themselves. They administer the money, make the draw, distribute the prizes and, most importantly, send us a cheque for 50% of all the stake money pledged by you each month.

Its easy to join in. Tickets are £1 each per week and there is no limit on how many you can buy. Payments can be (usually) by direct debit from your bank either monthly, 6 monthly or yearly. By clicking on the "Unity Lottery" button at the bottom of this page you will be taken directly to "our page" of the unity website and by filling in your details you stand a chance of winning £25,000 and, importantly, contributing to the Memorial Hall's funds.

You can also complete the pre-paid leaflet and enclose a cheque..