Woolaston Memorial Hall

Registered Charity No 301656

Swains Field, Woolaston GL15 6SU

01594 529523

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Saturday September 16th    -   10am - 12.30pm - Farmers Market.

Fresh produce from local sources.


Sunday 10th Sept - 3pm - Street Party

By the Phone Box and at the end of Netherend Crescent.


Every Sunday 12pm - 4pm CAR BOOT sale on the airfield behind the picnic site on A48 at Woolaston. Proceeds to to the Skate Park Fund.

Serving the community

A modern building, playing field, children's play area and community orchard for the use of everyone in Woolaston and surrounding areas.

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The village phone box is also owned by the hall for the purpose of renovating it to enhance the street scene in Woolaston.

See the "NEWS" page for updated phone box information.

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