Woolaston Memorial Hall

Registered Charity No 301656

Swains Field, Woolaston GL15 6SU






Attendees:  John Anderson (Chairman); Sue Anderson; Mark Lightbound; Martin Rose; Jackie Weller; David Storrar; David Reith; Brian Gibbs (Secretary).


1.Welcome & Introductions


The Chairman welcomed attendees to the meeting.


2.Apologies for Absence


Apologies had been received from David Harris and Ray Hughes.


3.Minutes of Last Meeting


The minutes of the last Committee Meeting on 7 May 2015 were agreed as a true record.  


4.Matters Arising from Last Meeting


a.The Village phone box is available for £1 to a registered charity. It could be used as a library, tourist information box, defibrillator or another use.  Electricity would be covered by BT. The box needs repair. A quote had been obtained, for   £300-500 including priming. Spares were available, including glass transom £110 and glass panes £220 for a full set, with hinges £15 each. Fully refurbished telephone boxes were avail for £6k on Ebay. Insurance would cost up to £250 per year.  It was difficult to justify spending Hall funds on this project but, if a volunteer committee could fund repairs, the Memorial Hall could pay £1 for the purchase.  It was unclear whether the box could be resold if necessary. The contract is available online and should be reviewed prior to committing to purchase. The Parish Council had declined to purchase the box.

b.The web site maintenance had been passed over to Alex Van-De-Heijden.

c.The BFSS web site link needed to be recirculated.

d.Film nights could be run for ~£200 per event, but needed help to organize. 3-4 people would be needed, to organise equipment, advertise the event and run the event on the day. Help could be sought via Wollaston News. Such an event would need to attract ~40 people in order to break even, with each paying ~£5.

e.The Chairman had sought quotes for floor repairs, but the repairs had not been completed yet


f.The Chairman had not produced plans for the proposed extension yet; he had been too busy.

g.The Secretary not been able to source sound baffles yet; this needed more work.

h.Changing room decoration would be done shortly by Martin Rose.

i.Quotes for climbing frame & slide had not yet been obtained.

j.ENTRUST seemed to offer the best chance of grants.  Information for this had been circulated and the next opportunity to bid was Nov 15.  Improvements could be grouped together and up to £35K could be requested, but should be backed up by quotes.  Plans would be needed for the extension and might cost ~£1500. The original architect might quote for plans, as could the Chairman. Quotes could then be compared, and the plans could be ordered.

k.The report from RoSPA had been received and had indicated some repairs were needed. Some essential repairs had been undertaken, but some additional cosmetic repairs were needed.

l.Hire charges needed to be reviewed.




It was agreed that:


a.The committee would review the contract for the purchase of the telephone box at www.payphones.bt.com  and, provided this was acceptable, would purchase the telephone box for £1.

b.The Telephone box would be funded and maintained by a dedicated sub-committee, led by Sue Anderson, and Memorial Hall funds would not be invested in the box.

c.The Treasurer would account for the telephone box as a separate item within the Memorial Hall accounts.

d.The Secretary would go ahead and purchase the sound system for a value of ~£500.

e.The Secretary would purchase a PRS license for the Hall.

f.The Treasurer would confirm that the Annual Return to the Charity Commission had been submitted.

g.David Storrar and The Chairman would include an article in Woolaston News to seek support for organizing film nights at The Hall.

h.The Secretary would circulate a link to BFSS website.

i.The Chairman would arrange for floor repairs to be carried out.

j.The Chairman would provide a quote for plans for the proposed extension.

k.The Chairman would contact the architect to obtain a quote for the proposed extension, so that a selection could be made.

l.The Secretary would investigate provision of sound baffles.

m.David Reith would obtain quotes for playground equipment.

n.The Secretary would circulate hire charges for review and endorsement at the forthcoming AGM.


5.Finance Update


Draft accounts had been prepared for year ending 30 Sep 15 but had not yet been audited. No grant from Parish Council had been received or requested this year. Income was £15,100. Surplus was ~£1700. £996 had been spent on legal fees for changes to title deeds. Income included ~£800 revenue that needed to be moved to 2016 accounts, but £800 in cash was also held by the Booking Secretary, so overall net income for the year was ~£1700. Assets at bank were ~£26,000 overall.  The accounts needed to be audited and the Treasurer would circulate the accounts when audit was complete.


6.Any Other Business.  The following items of business needed to be discussed:


a.Padlocks from car park to playing fields needed to be replaced..


b.Picnic tables could be purchased for outside the Hall. Recycled plastic table & bench with wheelchair facility would cost ~£500.


c.Minor repairs were needed in The Hall, including curtain rail and table leg.


Decisions.   It was agreed that:


a.The Chairman would ensure padlocks were replaced.

b.The Chairman would purchase a picnic table bench with wheelchair provision, for up to £500.

c.The Chairman would arrange for minor repairs to be undertaken.


7.Date of Next Meeting.   The next meeting would be AGM on 19 November 2015 at 8:00pm.