Woolaston Memorial Hall

Registered Charity No 301656

Swains Field, Woolaston GL15 6SU





Attendees:  John Anderson (Chairman); Sue Anderson; David Storrar; Mark Lightbound (Treasurer); David Reith; Ray Hughes; Brian Gibbs (Secretary).


1.Welcome & Introductions


The Chairman welcomed everyone to the meeting.  


2.Apologies for Absence


Apologies had been received from Mark Harris and Martin Rhodes. Additionally, Georgine Harris had asked to be removed form email list.


3.Minutes of Last Meeting


The minutes of the last meeting were accepted as a true record.


4.Matters Arising from Last Meeting


David Storrar had old records – to contact historical society




It was decided that:

a.David would contact


5.Chairman’s Report & Plan for 2014


The Chairman reflected on a very successful 2015.  The Hall had been well used and the various events had been enormously popular. £4700 raised overall, good coffe mornings, murder mystery, carnival. Recorded thanks to George Harris. Lots of great feedback following carnival – best village community spirit for 18 years.


Year 2 of rise in hire rates – income increased this year. Hall is well used. Some improvements made – bin store, wall sign, internally picture rail for photo & art exhibitions. David Reith joined committee, taken on grant funding. In process of planning for extension, with storage, bar & larger kitchen. Planning permission, then quotes.  Renewable energy still considered, but probably too expensive at present – maybe ground source heat pump if extension goes ahead. If grant aid received for renewable energy, no FIT is available.


Electricty supplier unknown – debate on what to do.


Web site up & running, still basic – Alex.

Wooly news still running strong – popular. Need someone to take over from David – 2 expressions of interest, George Harris discussing.

Land registry – trying to consolidate deeds, solicitor dealing bu Land Registry slow.


Overall, good progress and confident of future.




need to take readings from meter in 2015


6.Treasurer’s Report & Plan for 2015


The Treasurer had provided a set of accounts, at Enclosure 1.  Overall, income had increased by £90 this year, but without any grant from PC – none requested.  Expenses had increased by £830 since last year, mostly driven by legal fees for addressing title issue. Carnival slightly less profitable compared to 2014. Cleaning costs increased. Additional provision made for electricity. Oil spending reduced. Surplus reduced by ~£700 overall. Equity remained very healthy at £27,671 overall. Cumulative electricity provision was now £1600. Accounts had been audited and certified. The Annual Return to the Charities Commission had been made in May.  Treasurer proposed small gift to thank auditor.




It was decided that the Treasurer would make an additional provision for electricity in 2015/16.


Treasurer would arrange for small gift for the auditor.


7.Election of Committee Members


The Chairman, Treasurer were content to remain in their posts and also act as trustees for The Hall and Playing Fields.  Sec wanted to stand down,  but would continue to support and stay on Ctte.  David Reith would consider taking Sec role but needed more info before agreeing.




It was decided that:


a.John Anderson would continue as Chairman for the coming year.


b.Mark Lightbound would continue as Treasurer for the coming year.


c.Brian Gibbs would liaise with David Reith to discuss Sec duties and hand over when content.


8.Any Other Business


Have purchased the telephone box for £1, as agreed in Oct. Sue would organize funding and expected up to £1000 would be needed. Parish Council might also be approached for funds. Folks at coffee morning seemed very supportive and provided lots of ideas, eg, library, gallery, local history, pop-up shop on occasional Saturday, sculpture idea – lots of enthusiasm. Facebook & website items also planned. Defibrillator idea was popular, but folks thought we needed several defib’s around the village and especially next to playing fields.


More publicity should be provided for General Meetings in future. Attendance could be improved of added onto coffee mornings.




It was decided that:


a.Sue would continue to seek funds & ideas.

b.The Secretary would publicise general meetings more widely in future, added to the end of a coffee morning.


9.Date of Next Meeting


The next Annual General Meeting would be scheduled for Autumn 2016.  The Secretary will advise the date and issue a Calling Notice nearer the time.